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DDSystem’s Builder Mart PLINKO Winners!

We would like to thank Maryland Builders Industry Association (MBIA) for holding the BuilderMart event. We were again honored to be in attendance and appreciate our longstanding relationship with the association. Our Plinko game turned out to be quite a blast, and we were grateful to have won the Best Single Booth award. We hope everyone that had a chance to play had fun. We want to thank our team for attending, and Jeff Callaway for efforts putting the Plinko board together in time for the event.

2 Ravens Club Level Tickets

  • Craig Martin of Spire Architecture
  • 31,500 Points

DDSystems Liquor Basket

  • William Dbois of Ward Communities
  • 30,500 Points

Dell Gift Bundle

  • Joe Ratych of Gray & Son
  • 22,000 Points
Jeff Callaway

Jeff Callaway

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