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Virtual CIO Services

Virtual CIO Services

Executive-level consulting to get the most from your IT investment

Company leaders who want to move their business forward are looking to technology to play a pivotal role in that progress. But technology alone isn’t enough. An experienced, high-level IT professional on your side will help you leverage that technology for maximum impact.

What is a VCIO?

A virtual chief information officer (vCIO) is an executive-level IT professional that provides advice, guidance, and management of your overall technology strategy. The virtual part of a vCIO service allows businesses of any size to access the deep expertise of a C-suite IT professional without the cost of hiring another in-house executive.

Helping you take advantage of tech advancements for business profitability

Digital transformation of workflow now allows small to mid-size businesses across the globe to do more with less, streamline processes, expand profit margins, and compete with their larger competitors. A vCIO is the right person to help your business assess your current IT environment, build a strategy to utilize tech for your business advantage, and manage the implementation of that strategy for you.

What does a vCIO do?

  • Becomes intimately familiar with the technology in use by your company
  • Provides the IT information you need to make go-forward decisions
  • Helps you navigate what new technologies might be helpful for your business
  • Gives guidance on IT purchases and budgeting
  • Oversees a comprehensive IT management strategy
  • Delivers consultation surrounding cybersecurity protocol implementation and management
  • Works to align people, technology, and processes
  • Makes IT analytics available to executive team members for real-time decision making

The business benefits of partnering with us for vCIO services

  • High-level IT advice aligned with your organizational objectives
  • IT budgeting consulting to get the highest ROI from your IT spend
  • Executive IT insight into and management of your cybersecurity posture and protocols
  • Visibility into the cost and capability of IT to support proposed next business steps
  • Hands-free oversight of your current IT environment
  • A single point of contact for today’s IT use and tomorrow’s IT opportunities

Staying competitive while staying on budget

Hiring a full-time, in-house IT executive (CIO) can be both time-consuming and expensive. By partnering with our firm or virtual CIO services, you get all the advantages of a C-suite IT professional on your team at a fraction of the cost of another salaried executive on staff. Your competitors can make the most of the technology they use because they have a top-shelf IT strategy. That same strategic IT consulting and management experience is available to you

within an easily budgeted, outsourced framework.

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