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When DNS filtering and website blacklisting aren’t enough-and they aren’t

Your computer uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to direct you and your employees to the websites you wish to access. In this case, your computer contacts DNS servers to request the IP address associated with a website’s domain name and then uses the IP address to connect to the desired website or service.

Businesses can be vulnerable to DNS spoofing attacks, in which attackers redirect DNS traffic to fake or malicious sites. To protect against DNS spoofing, companies like yours choose to work with our team to provide Advanced Web Protection.

Advanced Web Protection is the process of securing DNS servers and clients from attacks.

Our Advanced Web Protection is a layer of security that complements and goes beyond traditional content filtering, antivirus, and firewalls. It helps keep your employees safe and productive as they browse the web by giving you granular control of the websites your employees can access. This improves overall security and workplace efficiency.

Some things Advanced Web Protection
can do for you

  • Set web-filtering policies
  • Determine website block lists
  • Create time and content-based browsing policies
  • Provision different web-filtering profiles for
    varying workplace roles
  • Employ AI and machine-learning technologies to go beyond simple website filtering and secure at a behavioral level

Some of the ways we use Advanced Web
Protection to protect your web traffic are:

  • Configuring DNS servers to only accept queries from trusted sources
  • Using encryption and authentication for all communications between DNS servers and clients
  • Monitoring DNS traffic for suspicious activity

Advanced Web Protection is an effective way to improve the security of your business’ IT systems. By blocking malicious or unwanted traffic at the DNS level, you can minimize the threat of access to your systems and data by criminals. Advanced Web Protection is an effective way to improve the security of your business’ IT systems.

Some benefits of our Advanced Web
Protection include:

  • Prevent data breaches by blocking malicious traffic before it reaches your systems
  • Improve system performance by reducing the amount of unwanted or malicious traffic that your systems have to process
  • Reduce the costs associated with cyber attacks by guarding against criminals looking to access your systems and data

For more information on how Advanced Web Protection can improve the security of your business’ IT systems, contact our team of cyber-
security specialists for a no-obligation conversation.

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Jeff Callaway

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