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Data Backups

Is your company utilizing Data Backups?

What would happen if got to the office one day and ransomware had locked you out of your files? The document you need for an early meeting is encrypted and unusable; the client file your staff needs to work on before their deadline is unreadable; and the presentation your sales team has worked on for the past week can’t be accessed.

Everything is going wrong, so you call your IT support partner.

If you’ve been doing regular backups, they might say something like, “This is bad, but it’s fixable. We’re on it. Give us some time and we’ll get into it.”

Without regular backups, the response from your IT guys may be completely different. Companies have been forced to pay thousands of dollars to ransomware-wielding criminals just to regain access to everyday company files.

Recent ransomware news stories illustrate the need for proactive anti-ransomware activity and ongoing vigilance. One of the most important anti-ransomware strategies you can implement in your business is a robust data/workflow backup protocol. By systematically backing up your essential files, you have a fall-back copy to utilize―even if your in-house IT systems become infected.

The backups our team implements can be activated in the event of a ransomware attack as well as any negative incident―natural or man made―that limits your access to on-site data/workflow.

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