Unified Communications

Each business is unique and shouldn’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all communications solution. That’s why DDSystems partners with Star2Star Communications allowing us to strategically develop a flexible solution that is right for your business needs. VOIP phone solutions combine your data and voice network saving you from implementing two separate systems. Our skilled DDS experts configure your network to support the Star2star system making sure your data and phones work smoothly together.
No matter your business size, Unified Communications has more features, can save you money, and simplifies your complex communication needs providing you with a single vendor to call for your IT or Telephony needs.

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VoIP phone systems benefits:

Easily communicate & collaborate

Choose the most efficient solutions for voice, video, mobile, fax, chat, conferencing, presence management, and more.

Support a modern workforce

Star2Star supports a remote workforce anywhere you are – from home, your office, or on the road, Star2Star is there for you.

Provide Greater Insight

Keep track of all communication activities with real-time analytics to better manage your workforce while preserving critical information.

Allow Deeper Integration

Drive better visibility and productivity across your entire company by connecting your core business systems to your communications.

Reduce costs & Increase Value

Cut your costs by up to 50% by pooling lines between locations and provide your users the tools they need to improve productivity enhancing your bottom line.

Ensure Business Continuity

Star2Star provides extensive disaster recovery and business continuity protections that keep your communications up and running.