Each business is unique and shouldn’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all communications solution. No matter your business size, Unified Communications can save you money while giving you more features than ever before. Partnering with Star2Star Communications allows DDSystems to strategically develop a solution that is right for our customers. The features and benefits within the Star2Star System rely heavily on proper networking and configuration on the IT side of a network. Finding a phone solution that takes into consideration the areas of your business, that we were founded from, makes our relationship with Star2Star the perfect fit. After a Star2Star phone system is installed by DDSystems, rest assured we are only a call away for unparalleled support, providing you with one vendor to call for your IT or Telephony needs.
VoIP phone systems provide your business the following benefits:

Communicate and collaborate with ease

Choose the most efficient communications method for every situation with voice, mobile, fax, chat, video, conferencing, presence management, and call center solutions and keep track of all your communication activities in one system.

Allow Deeper Integration

Connect your core business systems to your communications to help drive better visibility and productivity across your entire company.

Provide Greater Insight

Manage your workforce while preserving critical information better than ever before through the use of advanced, real-time analytics.

Reduce costs/Increase Value

Cut your costs by pooling lines between locations, no-charge intra-account calls, low cost hardware, free next-day parts replacement and more. Give your users the tools they need to improve productivity and enhance your bottom line.

Support a modern workforce

Star2Star enables the remote workforce. Whether you are in your office, your home or on the road, Star2Star is there for you.

Ensure Business Continuity

Star2Star provides extensive disaster recovery and business continuity protections that keep your communications up and running.