Cyber Security


Is Your Company Prepared For Cyber Security Threats?

According to the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report (DIBR), 82% of breaches involved the Human Element, including Social Attacks, Errors, and Misuse. Don’t be the next victim of an attack. Many SMBs still lack cyber security, because they feel they won’t be targets or they don’t have the resources to implement and maintain defenses. Decisive Data Systems is here with the solutions to protect your business.

Our solutions were engineered from the ground up to take put cyber security as the front and center of planning. Here at Decisive Data Systems, we are dedicated to monitoring, investigating, and preventing cyber threats. Your Cyber security journey starts here.

Are you receiving cyber security insurance forms and don’t know the answers. Are you confident you are getting the right answers from your IT Team? As a partner of Decisive Data Systems, we can show you the Cyber Security Layers and what steps you will be taking to peace of mind.

Let our Privileged Access Management control your application allowlists, Elevation Controls, Network Access Controls, and Ringfencing. These security services help mitigate the risk of exposure and achieve compliance.

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